Boys Gymnastics

Gym Adventures - Xcel - JO


Boys Gym Adventures

Gym Adventures is an introductory gymnastics experience where students become more active, burn energy, overcome obstacles, and development skills and coordination that will help them in all sports.

Boys Xcel

The Xcel program is an introduction to competitive gymnastics for athletes of all ages and abilities. Athletes have the opportunity to participate in both a spring and fall competitive season. The mission of Xcel is to build strong character, confidence and success through the sport of gymnastics.


Boys Junior Olympic (JO)

Boys can move into the USAG Junior Olympic program straight out of our Boys Gym Adventures program. USAG is the governing body for gymnastics in the US and is responsible for creating and maintaining the rules and safety regulations of the sport. The competitive Junior Olympic program is comprised of levels 4-10. Levels 4, 5, 6 and 7 are compulsory levels, in which each of the athletes within a level competes the same routine and they are scored on the proficiency of the skills demonstrated in the routine. Levels 8, 9 and 10 are optional levels, where athletes create their own routines using a set of required skills, each with their own point value. Team families are expected to make very specific time and financial commitments. These commitments are explained in detail in our team handbooks, which are handed out at preseason parent meetings