Getting Started

Creating An Account

A parent/grandparent/legal guardian must set up a family account through the Parent Portal for all student athletes. When doing so, you’ll be immediately prompted to accept our Policies & Procedures.  These policies include the financial obligations for our programs and our athlete waiver associated with athlete participation in our programs.

Finding a Class

Once your account is created, visit our  Classes page to see what class(es) you’d like to enroll in! Then, click on the registration button under the program you choose.  Our Parent Portal will show all our active and available classes, and you can select the class that works best for your schedule!  Select your class, your enrollment status (Active, Makeup, Waitlist), and the date you wish to begin the class.   You can also call or email our Front Desk to register!

  • Active – Your student is actively enrolled in this class, and tuition will be billed.
  • Makeup – If your athlete misses one of their regular classes, you can schedule a makeup class! Makeups are not guaranteed, as they are based on class availability.  Please limit makeup classes to 2 per session or 1 per month, and please complete your makeup class prior to the end of that session. We do not offer makeups for team athletes.
  • Waitlist – If a class is full, or you wish to enroll in a future session, you may request to be waitlisted. Timberline Staff will contact you via email as soon as space becomes available!

Questions? Concerns? Not ready to enroll quite yet? Contact our Front Desk and we’d be happy to help in any way we can!


Timberline Gym Memberships

Timberline Memberships are offered annually and are valid one year from month of purchase. All active athletes are required to purchase a membership. The Annual Membership Fee is $48/child or $84/family. This fee does not include recreational class tuition.

Once purchased, Memberships will automatically renew for all active athletes during the “Anniversary” month it was originally purchased.

Active Membership Benefits

  • Enrollment Benefits:
    • Priority enrollment for all Preschool, Gym Adventures, Gym Stars, and Tumbling classes
    • 10% off sibling/multiple classes
    • 1 make-up per month: If your athlete misses one of their regular recreational classes, you may schedule a makeup class! Makeups are not guaranteed, as they are based on class availability. We do not offer makeups for team athletes.
  • Discounts on private lesson costs
  • $10 off Birthday Parties hosted at Timberline
  • 10% off Summer Camp tuition at Timberline

If you are not actively enrolled, you may still enjoy your summer camp, birthday party, and private lesson discounts throughout the duration of your Membership year.



Competitive Team Programs


Enrollment in our team program is based on availability. Athletes will need to be evaluated before they are placed on a team, regardless of the athlete’s gymnastics history or prior team experiences. Once enrolled on a team, athletes may remain on that team from season to season.



Our competitive team programs run on a monthly billing schedule. Team families should refer to their Team Handbooks for payment policies specific to their program.  Policies in the Team Handbook supersede all policies noted on this page for team athletes and families.

Recreational Classes


Once enrolled in a class, you do not have to re-enroll your athlete! Class enrollment is considered ongoing from month-to-month, session-to-session, until you submit a written drop notice to the Front Desk via our Drop Form.

Session vs. Monthly Classes

Our Tumbling Program, Preschool Program, and Gym Adventures Program are month-long commitments. This means you are financially committed to the class for the month. Our Gym Stars Program are session-long-commitments. This means you are financially commited to the ENTIRE session, even though tuition will be billed monthly.

Open registration for each session begins approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the start of each session.  That said, athletes are welcome to enroll at anytime, even after a session has already begun! If you join mid-month, tuition will be prorated.

  • Summer Session: June – July
  • Fall A: August – September
  • Fall B: October – November
  • Winter: December – February
  • Spring: March – May

**See Gym Closure dates below, under ‘Additional Information’


Once enrolled, clients are financially responsible for the full-month/full-session tuition amount for each class. Families will be auto-billed on the 1st of each month to the credit card on file. Tuition rates may vary month-to-month depending on length and frequency of classes. We will prorate all recreational class tuition for planned closures. Take a look at our Classes page on the Parent Poral for information on our new billing protocol.

Note: Charges will be placed on active accounts approximately 1 week before monthly tuition is collected and email reminders will be sent out about the upcoming payments. These payments will not be collected until the 1st of the month.  The early notification of these charges is to allow families a chance to make applicable adjustments before tuition is billed, as there are no monetary refunds given. 


Unsure if you’d like to enroll in a class? Contact our Front Desk by phone or email and we’d be happy to set up a Trial class for your athlete! This option is not available to schedule through our Parent Portal.


Enrollment on our waitlist is always open. Whether your athlete is waiting to enroll in their first class, or if your athlete is already enrolled and wanting to transfer classes, our waitlist is a great option!

Please limit your child’s waitlist enrollments to 2 waitlists at a time.

Openings are unpredictable and can occur at any time. Once a spot becomes available, families will be notified by email and will have 72 hours to respond to our Front Desk before the next athlete on the waitlist is notified.


Life can get busy and sicknesses can happen! If your athlete has to miss their class for any reason, we will issue 1 make-up “token” per month, per child. Tokens will auto-expire one month from date of issue, so please be sure to schedule your makeup as soon as possible! 

Contact our Front Desk to schedule a makeup class for your athlete or log-in to your account and schedule through the Parent Portal. Makeups may only be scheduled if the athlete is still actively enrolled.

Drop Procedure

If you wish to discontinue your athlete’s class enrollment, fill out our Drop Form prior to the end of the month/session. If dropping mid-month, the remaining, unused tuition for the month will be forfeited. We do not issue refunds.

If you drop a session-long class in the middle of the session, you have two options regarding your upcoming tuition payment(s):

    1. ) The remainder of your session tuition will be billed, and the amount will remain on your family account as a credit to use toward future transactions.
    2. ) Pay a $50 drop fee per remaining installment(s) owed.  This amount is not available as a credit on your account, but will release you from your session-long financial commitment. 

To discontinue your athlete’s enrollment, you must provide written drop notice to the Front Desk via our Drop Form. Verbal drop requests are not recognized. 

**The above drop procedure does not apply to our Teams (Reference Contract and other team commitment information.)


Additional Information


Timberline does not offer refunds. Members are responsible for paying class tuition each month, regardless of athletes’ class absences.


Safety in the Gym

Per USAG Policy, parents are not allowed out in the gym. Parents are welcome to sit in the lobby or in our upstairs viewing area to watch their child practice. Siblings of enrolled students must remain with their parents at all times.


Parking, Drop Off, & Pick Up

We ask parents keep the Drop Off Lane moving, so it can be used by all families during our busy times. Please, no parking in the Drop Off Lane! You are welcome to park anywhere in the parking lot outside our building. We ask parents to stay mindful of athletes coming and going from the gym so everyone stays safe!


Planned Gym Closures

Gym closures will be communicated in advance via email. Since holiday closures are known far in advance, all recreational classes will have tuition prorated accordingly. No make-ups will be necessary.

Below you can find the holidays Timberline Gym will be closed.

  • Timberline is CLOSED:
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day (entire week of)
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day (and Friday after) 
    • Winter Break – Closed for two weeks in December/January
  • Timberline is OPEN:
    • Martin Luther King Day
    • President’s Day
    • Spring Break
    • Veterans Day
    • Most other school-days off


Inclement Weather

Families whose practices are affected by weather will be informed immediately after a decision to close or remain open has been made. Normally these decisions are made the evening before morning classes, or by 2pm for afternoon/evening classes. We will also communicate closures on our social media sites (Facebook). Please check these places first before calling the Front Desk.  Make-ups for these closures can be scheduled at your convenience through the Front Desk, or through the Parent Portal.  No tuition credits will be given for closures due to weather. We DO NOT post closure updates on our voicemail message.



Do you host parties?
Yes we do! Please visit our Parties page for more info, and to book online!


Do you hold clinics or camps?
Yes! We offer camps and clinics during summer and occasionally winter break. Visit our Camps page for upcoming camp information and to register online!


Will my child have the same instructor for the duration of his/her class?
That is our goal! We understand how important it is for children to develop a trusting relationship with their instructor, and therefore will make every effort to maintain consistency in our coaching staff. However, illness or travel occasionally requires us to make a substitution and in these cases, we will select a qualified substitute to instruct the class.


I would like to discontinue classes that I’ve already paid for. Can I do that? What is your refund policy?
You are welcome to drop your class at any time with written drop notice, preferably through our Drop Form. Please keep in mind, once monthly tuition has been paid, there are no refunds. Also, if in a session-long class, you will still be responsible for the entire session tuition, even if your athlete drops before the session-end. 


My child is not enrolled in your program.  Can I schedule a private lesson with one of your instructors?
Absolutely! Private Lessons are offered for both enrolled and unenrolled athletes 18 years old and younger.