Girls Gymnastics

Gym Adventures - Gym Stars - X-League - Xcel - JO


Girls Gym Adventures

Gym Adventures is an introductory gymnastics experience where students become more active, burn energy, overcome obstacles, and development skills and coordination that will help them in all sports.

Girls Gym Stars

Gym Stars is our progressive gymnastics program.  Gymnasts will learn skills with an increased focus on details and have the opportunity to showcase their talents at our bi-annual Gym Stars Show.


Girls X-League

X-League is our girls program introduction to competitive gymnastics.  Athletes have the opportunity to participate in both a spring and fall competitive season.  The mission of X-League is to build strong character, confidence and success through the sport of gymnastics.  This program is eligible to all athletes who have completed Gym Stars level 3.

Girls Xcel

Xcel is a division of USA Gymnastics.  Within the Xcel program, there are five different levels of competition—silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program.  Due to the lower number of practice hours, it allows gymnastics to find success in the sport of gymnastics while still participating in other activities.  It is also a great stepping-stone to high school gymnastics.

JO girls - use this one

Girls Junior Olympic (JO)

USA Gymnastics also provides a Junior Olympic program. The levels of competition are Level 2 – 10.  Levels 3, 4 & 5 are compulsory levels meaning within each level the same routines (combination of skills) are performed.  The required skills are mandated by USA Gymnastics and progress in difficulty as the levels change.  Level 6-10 are optional levels.  In the optional levels, USA Gymnastics again has skill requirements for each routine/level but affords flexibility allowing each gymnast to perform her own unique routines that meet those requirements.  As the gymnasts progress up in levels, the competition is much harder and requires a greater time commitment. Team families are expected to make very specific time and financial commitments.  These commitments are explained in detail in our team handbooks, which are handed out at preseason parent meetings.