Policies, Procedures & FAQ's


Registration Process

Phone — 970.226.0306            Email — [email protected]

Timberline Gymnastics classes run on 8- or 12-week sessions.  Families may register in advance for classes, or after a session has already started, in which case tuition will be prorated.  Once a family is signed up for a session, they are committed through the end of that session. In order to register for a class, families should register online using our Parent Portal system  and choose a billing option.

Trial Classes
Families may request a no-obligation TRIAL CLASS for their child(ren) online, over the phone, or in person.  If, after the trial class, a family decides not to enroll, no money is due.  If the trial goes well, and the family chooses to enroll in the program, payment is due that day in order to secure their child’s spot in a class.  Families may certainly choose to take some time to think about their enrollment after the trial class, but we cannot guarantee a spot in class without payment.

Billing Options

  • Monthly Autopay – This option requires a credit card number saved on file. The full session tuition amount is divided into equal installments (2 for an 8-week session, 3 for a 12-week session). We bill a credit card on file on the 1st of each month. Commitment to the whole session is expected with autopay billing.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  With Autopay Billing, your enrollment is considered ongoing.  If you do not submit a written drop notice prior to the end of each session, your child(ren) will be automatically re-enrolled in their same class, and billing will continue.  If you decide to drop at the end of a session, just fill out a drop form.  Your child will be dropped at the end of their current session, and no further billing will occur.   Please see the “Drop” Section below for more details.
    If a client’s credit card on file is declined when we process billing on the 1st, they will have up to 10 days to update this information and make a full payment of balance due, or be charged a $20 late fee. 
  • Session Pay-in-Full – The full session tuition amount is due prior to the first class of each session.  With the pay-in-full option, your child(ren) will be dropped from their class at the end of each session unless you re-enroll them and pay by the Priority Registration Deadline (usually about 2 weeks before the start of the new session).

Priority Registration
Priority registration begins about 4 weeks prior to the start of each new session. During this time, current clients may re-enroll (Pay-in-Full Billing), change their schedule, or drop (Autopay Billing). Priority registration continues for two weeks, after which time, classes and waitlists are opened to new families wishing to register.  We will post signs in the gym and send out emails to inform families of an upcoming priority registration.

Yearly Registration Fee
All families are billed a yearly registration fee during their initial registration process.  The fee is $48 per child or $84 for a family of two or more children. The registration fee is billed every year on the anniversary date of the families’ initial enrollment in the program.  Registration fees for team athletes are $60 per child or $96 for a family.  This fee helps cover insurance and other administrative/overhead costs at the gym.


Drop Policy – Regardless of your billing choice (Autopay vs. Pay-in-Full), we require commitment for the entire session once you have enrolled.  You can find our session calendar/dates here.  Please note that we do not offer refunds on tuition that has already been billed.

If you choose AUTOPAY BILLING, you must submit your drop notice in writing to the front desk by the priority registration deadline for the upcoming session in order to discontinue billing.  If no written drop notice is received, your child(ren) will remain enrolled in their same class and billing will continue as usual on the 1st of the month.  If you drop mid-session,  the remainder of the full session-tuition amount will be billed and available to use as a credit upon your return.

If you choose to PAY IN FULL for the session, your child will be automatically dropped by the computer system for the next session unless you re-enroll and pay during the priority registration period.  If you drop mid-session, the unused portion of your tuition will be available to use as a credit upon your return.

Please note: Our team programs  run on a monthly billing schedule. However, team families should refer to their handbooks for payment policies specific to their program.  Policies in the team handbook supersede all policies noted here for team athletes and families.

Makeup Classes  — If you miss a class, you can schedule up to two make up classes per session. Please note that makeups are not guaranteed. They are offered based on class availability.  You must schedule your makeup, and makeup classes must be completed within the same session of the absence (makeups do not roll over from session to session).  We do not offer makeups for pre-team or team level athletes.

Safety in the Gym – Parents are not permitted on the floor at any time.  If you need to speak with your child or a coach, please ask a front desk associate for assistance.  In the rare event that your child is injured during class, please allow us to escort you onto the floor.  Siblings of enrolled students must remain with their parents at all times.  Please do not allow children to climb/play on bleachers, fences, or gates.  No child is permitted to play unsupervised in the front desk/lobby/viewing areas or outside the gym.

Pick up and Drop off – Please drop your children off and pick them up on time.  Children should not be dropped off at the gym any earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of their class, or picked up later than 5 minutes after their class has ended.  Also, please tell your children to wait inside the building until they see you pull up or you come inside to retrieve them.

Gym Closures

We are closed on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, as well as Thanksgiving Day, and the day after Thanksgiving.  These closures are considered “holiday closures” and are subject to our make-up policy (see Policies section above for more information).  We are also closed three weeks out the year for “vacation”.  One week during Independence Day, and two weeks in December/January.  These vacation weeks are NOT included in any of the weeks that make up our sessions (they’re not billed for) and thus are not subject to make-ups or tuition credit.  We do not close for MLK Day, President’s Day, Spring Break, Veterans Day, or most other school-days-off.

Should the gym need to close due to inclement weather, we will indicate the closure on our website as well as on Facebook. Please check these places first before calling the front desk.  Make-ups for these closures can be scheduled at your convenience through the front desk.  No tuition credits will be given for closure due to weather. We DO NOT post closure updates on our outgoing voicemail message.


Do you do birthday parties?

Yes. Click here for more information.

Will my child have the same instructor for the duration of his/her class?

We understand how important it is for children to develop a trusting relationship with their instructor. Therefore, we make every effort to maintain consistency in our coaching staff.  However, illness or travel occasionally requires us to make a substitution and in these cases, we will select a substitute of equal caliber to take the class.

I would like to discontinue classes that I’ve already paid for. What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds on tuition that has already been billed.  However, if you decide to drop a class prior to the end of a session, any unused tuition will be placed as a credit on your account that can be applied towards future tuition or any other programs/services offered at Xtreme.  If you are on autopay billing, the remainder of the session tuition will be billed and available to use as a credit.  Please remember that you must submit written drop notice to the front desk!

My child is not enrolled in your program.  Can I schedule a private lesson with one of your instructors?

Our coaches’ first responsibility is to the athletes enrolled in our program.  To ensure they have the time to fulfill that responsibility, we only offer private lessons to current clients.  The only exception is for individuals trying out for a high school cheer squad.  To schedule a private lesson for this purpose, you will need to pay the $48 registration fee and a gym use fee for each private lesson to the gym. In addition, the coach charges their own fee for the private lesson, which ranges from $35 to $70 per hour.


With its 23,000 square foot facility, Timberline Gymnastics offers the latest safety, teaching, and training equipment including in-ground tumbling trampolines and multiple loose and solid foam tumbling and vaulting pits. These innovations allow for the most up-to-date training systems, minimizing injuries and increasing learning efficiency for all ages.

Our state of the art facility and equipment make Timberline one of the safest, most fun and best-equipped training facilities in Colorado!

Be sure to check out our separate gym designed for the exclusive use of children 5 years and under.